£1.00 - £5,000.00

The majority of you will also be struggling due to the public health crisis… If you are in a secure position please help us to get through this....

Just like every bar, pub, restaurant in the country, JaguarShoes usually operates a very high overhead vs. very high turnover business model and as such, it has been cut adrift. At this point we are doing everything we can to help our staff, and our suppliers, so we CAN be there at the end, but it is nowhere near enough.

Surviving 20 years now, DREAM BAGS JAGUAR SHOES is the last remaining original Shoreditch institution, and it maintains the heart and spirit that defined the area; not giving a damn who you are, where you come from, how you look or who you love...   

JaguarShoes Co now is a fully independent family business, constituting 3 pubs.
We have made it through the big crash, 7/7 and the numerous terror scares, but the current CoVID19 pandemic is the toughest fight we have faced yet and we don't know at this point how our business will endure.

We as a business have to find the ability to subsist and we want to be able to continue to pay all our employees, suppliers, promoters, artist, bands, event programmers, cleaners, producers, DJs, door security, designers, sound engineers, curators, maintenance contractors, chefs, book keepers, photographers, mixologists, copy writers, gardeners and all of the other people our ecosystem supports…

We need to be here to continue to support all those people once this is over!  

So please… if you are in a position to do so, 'buy forward' via our BEER BANK or donate directly here.


- All businesses (aside from a few large PLC’s) are not covered by their insurance for Pandemic, standard insurance policies do not provide this cover and claims that are being made will likely be refused due to case law.

- Almost all businesses in London are not eligible for the 25k Grant; they fall above the rateable value threshold.

- Government assistance for staff wages will only cover payroll staff, so the large number of contractors our business services are not included, and the facility will not be made available until end of April / early May. Until then, employers have to find the funds to retain staff or make their staff redundant.

- The proposed loans are not yet available and will be subject to an application to a bank and require a 20% personal guarantee.

Jaguar Shoes Collective have curated, produced and funded 100s of exhibitions by many artist including past alumni like Matt Furie, JR, Nobrow Comics, Peepshow Collective, Pure Evil, Mcbess, Marcus Oakley, The Dilly, Valerie Philips, Chrissie Abbott, Jiro Bevis, Will Sweeney, Carnovsky, Rosy Nicholas, Toby Evans, Charlie Kwai, Rose Pilkington, Patrick Savile, Tom Kavanagh, Charlie Sutcliffe, Puck Collective…
So if you have enjoyed our business and it's contribution to the arts and music over the past two decades, and if you can.. please please help.

Big Love to all in our wonderful community, both in Hackney and those now spread all over the world xxx